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Sisima Freelance and Co-working space

Some of the best ideas come from the surroundings and perhaps having someone to bounce that idea around with.  With Co-work space in an environment that is designed to help you grow your thoughts and business you can develop those ideas in a professional environment.

Blue Skies
Sharing Ideas

Better Business Together

At Sisima Group, our flexible working environment caters to independent contractors as well as growing startups and small companies. Check out the options and pick the one that’s right for you.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, a team leader or a freelancer, we have a workspace for you. At Sisima Group you’ll find an ideal space for creativity and growth. Have a look at our options.

We are not just a space to grow your business, we offer connections to training and coaching to grow your mind.  Through our partnership network we have identified world class coaching professionals with the local knowledge to understand the environment in which you are looking to grow your future.  Why not let us know where you want your journey to lead and we can look to put together a plan to success.

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