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Outsource Labour Provision


Matthew Hinkley

Getting the right people for the job without the handcuffs of interdepartmental issues.

In todays departmentalised budgetary constrained systems you can find yourself in a position of needing to hire a specialist for your team but it comes out of someonelses budget if you do it through your usual HR system and they just don't have the budget!

This can leave you in a lengthy approval process of trying to get budgets reallocated and funding approved for the othere departments.

What we have managed in the past is we hire that specialist for you and become your supplier to your budget and provide you with a fully compliant service with a single invoice point for all of that persons needs.  We take care of the payroll, immigration, tax compliance and even the flights and accommodation.  We can even source the right person for your roll, leaving you to get on with what you do best.

If this sounds familiar to you or you feel you need these types of services feel free to reach out to the team at Sisima PNG who will be more than happy to run through your needs and find the best fit solution for your business.

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