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Engineering Manager Role in Lae

The incumbent will ensure reliability, availability and capability of production equipment and supply of utilities, drive engineering work processes and continuous improvement of PM, manage engineering resources in relation to output and manage assigned capital expenditures

Main Duties will include:

· Responsible for planned maintenance processes to reduce number of breakdown and minor stops in order to improve line performances

· Liaise with production to plan up time and down time of machines in a way that all SKU’s can be produced as planned; Responsible for reduction of unplanned downtime by applying Structured fault-finding routines

· Identify and resolve operational limitations, such as design speed, pasteurization level, quality of delivered utilities, etc.

· Responsible for the consistent production of utilities, measurement and reporting of consumptions to consumers and follow up of utilities consumption reduction measures by the engineering department

· Drive all PM processes for work identification, planning, preparation, execution, evaluation and improvement. Key processes are: Tagging, PM day, CILT support, Break Down Analysis, Overhaul

· Manage human resources, budget, tools and spare parts for the engineering department

· Responsible for capital expenditures assigned to the engineering department, including all related administration and operational ‘roll in’ (documentation, training, spare parts, PM system, etc.)

Qualification & Experience:

· University or Technical Institute

· Major in Engineering

· 8 -10 years’ experience with;

· Relevant equipment (utilities, beer production, packaging)

· Engineering Management

· Broad knowledge engineering in different trades: mechanical, electrical, automation, instrumentation

· Broad knowledge in different types of machinery: power generation, power distribution, compressor, cooling systems, water and wastewater treatment, steam systems, filtration systems, pumps, valves, filling, labeling, packing, conveying.

· Maintenance Engineering skills: setup of PM standards, setup computerized maintenance management system

· Change Management, Leadership, Analytical, Shop floor oriented, Communication with management and shop floor

Send your applications to the email address in word format. Only acceptable candidates will be considered and replied to.

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